4 tips to designing a practical laundry….

4 tips to designing a practical yet beautiful laundry

4 tips to designing a practical yet beautiful laundry

Article: Adore magazine


In a laundry, maximise storage where possible – increasing the height of your joinery by using floor to ceiling storage cupboards will greatly help to use every square inch. Include a combination of cupboards, overheads, drawers and bench top space to really get the most out of the space. Also ensure you have a cupboard for the bigger items such as ironing boards, mops, drying racks, brooms, vacuum cleaners etc. so they don’t clutter the space.

Consider built in ironing boards and open hanging rails – this will allow you to have clothes drying on hangers and reduces ironing time too. Also make sure you have enough bench space to sit a washing basket, fold clothes or rest necessities.

Including open shelving will allow you to store items that are used regularly (washing powder, stain remover etc.) within easy access and can also be used to display plants, vases, candles, soaps or fresh towels – finishing touches that will give your laundry the designer look. Don’t include too much open shelving as it will create clutter.

Use concealed cabinetry to create smart, space saving solutions – this reduces clutter and creates a seamless, free flowing laundry space. Ensure you install appropriate ventilation if concealing washing machines etc.


Doing the laundry is bad enough so why not brighten the space a little bit with some bold wall tiles, tap ware or flooring. If you aren’t game enough to add bold tones, you can still add colour by using muted pastels or create a point of difference with varying textures. Also add interest with patterned towels, baskets, and greenery.


Consider the location in the house – ideally the laundry needs to be in or near a services area, away from bedrooms and living areas so that when your washing machine or dryer is in use, it doesn’t resonate throughout resting or entertaining zones. Also, ensure it has reasonable access to a clothes line or drying area.

Short on space? Consider underutilised spaces such as hallways, or even bathrooms to create a laundry nook with sliding doors for a space saving solution.

Consider combined appliances to save space or stack washers and dryers on top of one another. 


Last but certainly not least, remember that the finishing touches can really complete the space. Artwork, display shelving, wall hooks, baskets, nice containers, towels and even plants can all help to create a beautiful laundry. Also if space permits consider combining a mud room with the laundry.Category: RenovatingStyling

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