How to generate $30,000 more for your home

Staging a property will instantly generate a higher sale price guaranteed. At All Properties Group – agent Chris Gilmour offers every seller this service Totally Free of Charge. Chris has a team of interior designers who will inspect the home, look at layout, colour, tones & sizing to make sure the correct furniture for the home is selected.

Now staging a home sounds hard right – wrong! We do it all, even if you are living in the home while you are on the market we can still utilise your furniture and complement it with ours, again all free of charge.

Buyers want the look, they want the flashy no matter the suburb or price range we all like the nicer things in life and that’s no different when selling a home.

Staging or Partial staging your home will increase the sale price in some cases we have increased it by up to $50,000, it’s hard to believe but when emotion takes over when that heart buyer walks into your home they will pay top dollar to get it.

Staging also has other benefits – Your home will sell faster and will generate more buyers therefore more competition between the buyers to secure your home which means a Higher Selling Price for you.

I personally staged my own home when I sold it in Drewvale, I sold my property in 3 days and for $30,000 more than I thought and 100% it was due to staging it, hence why I offer this service to every single seller of ours.

No Cost, No Fee’s No Catches – Free. Why many ask would I do this and it’s simple – Reason being our job is to sell the home for the maximum price, staging allows this. Our homes sell faster and that’s what our clients want. We work on referral business so if you have a great experience when selling with Chris Gilmour you will let your neighbours, family & friends know that you had a great experience, also the next time you sell 95% of the time you will come back and use us again that’s why we do it for repeat business.

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