So You’re Tempted to Try Sage Green?

There’s a real buzz around this nature-inspired hue – we asked the experts their secrets about making it work at home

Sage green is experiencing something of a resurgence, as interiors embrace all things soothing and nature-inspired. The wonderfully calming hue sits somewhere between mint and greige. It’s also an incredibly versatile colour that works in just about every spot in the home, both inside and out. Here, our design professionals reveal how and where to use this appealing hue.

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What makes sage green so appealing?

It’s a soft, natural colour that is easy to decorate with. It also pairs well with other popular shades, such as soft and dark grey, greiges and whites.

As the interest in health and wellness within the living space increases, green is emerging as a key colour in interior design. The indoor plant movement continues to gain momentum, and what better colour to complement foliage than a soothing, soft sage. This colour mimics nature and adds a sense of calm to a space.

Green connects deeply with nature and the Australian landscape, offering the perfect hue to bring the outdoors in, while appearing neutral enough to offer great versatility.

From a colour psychology perspective, the colour green relates to balance and harmony. Sage green is known as a balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.

This relaxing colour offers a sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living. It brings to mind escapes to the countryside, fresh air, and healthy vibes. Sage green is the ideal colour to integrate into your home to restore depleted energy.

Is there more than one shade?

Yes, choose from pastel tones of sage that are light and airy, and deeper tones that have a more calming, intimate feel.

Can you share any styling secrets for making it work?

Make sure you get the hue spot on. It should have a hint of grey in the undertone or you’ll end up with mint!

Layer it with similarly toned colours – nothing too contrasting. And remember, less is more, so keep the styling simple. Plants are a must.

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Source: Houzz Australia