What defines you as a local how you pronounce the suburb. Bull-eye to locals and Bully to everyone else. Located at the bottom of bulli pass and south of popular thirroul.

Two major residential areas are Sandon Point, known for its beach houses and water views. The other is 'brickworks' estate, a newer area founded on the old Bulli brick yards. Less shopping than surrounding suburbs however bulli is very popular with surfing and lifesaving competitions and sporting events. East Bulli's landscape was once dominated by affordable fibro miners cottages and government housing. Sitting on prime land these cottages are some of the most sought after real estate, often being rebuilt

Bulli has both primary and public schools, historic railway station and most recently popular Woolworths shopping centre.

Originally inhabited by Wodi Wodi Aborigines, European wood cutters worked in the area from about 1815. The area was once abundant in Red Cedars, these are now still seen but thinly. The first permanent European settler was Cornelius O'Brien, who established a farm in 1823 and whose name was given in the pass at O'Briens Road south at Figtree.
Bulli soil is also the primary source of soil and foundation of Sydney Cricket Ground.

Generally split between the princes highway and the rail that both cut through the centre of the suburb. The ocean sides to the east with the escarpment on the western side.
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