Behind wollongong itself, corrimal is the second biggest commercial centre. Encompassing a number of banks and financial institutions, Three major shopping centres including Stocklands and various cafes and smaller shops. The Corrimal station is located on funnily enough Railway street. There is a library, public pool and four primary schools and one high school services the surrounding areas.

Corrimal generally has more low maintenance, higher density living than its neighbours with it popular for younger families.

As too many surrounding suburbs Corrimal's beaches are well traversed in summer but it's not uncommon to find one all to yourself.

The suburb takes its name from a point on the bordering Illawarra escarpment which was known as Mount Corrimal (named after the Aboriginal Dreamtimewarrior Kurimul) and now called Broker's Nose. The first industry and settlement at Corrimal was that of logging, followed by mining operations. In 1830 the first grant of land was made, to James Martin, of 50 acres (200,000 m2).
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